Focus Engagement and Recall Workshop

Whether you feel you would like to (or do) participate in a dog sport with your dog or just would like your dog to pay you more attention and listen to you more in everyday life, this is the course for you. Focus and engagement is the basis for all training and is often overlooked...often people assume that their dog should just want to pay attention anyway. It is actually a skill that needs to be taught like any other, and time invested will speed up your future training. Do you envy those people whose dog charges back to them the second they call? Do you wish your walks could be less stressful and your dog could be given more freedom? This workshop will give you games to play with your dog which are fun and will improve your dogs recall, strategies for improving your dogs recall, and more understanding of exactly what a good solid recall involves. You will come away equiped to continue and improve your dog's recall training in your everyday life.

 Intro to Triebball

 In this short course we will cover the foundation behaviours needed for Treibball, a dog sport where you dog pushes yoga balls back to you in a goal. Treibball is great fun.

 Training Skills

Often we get very caught up in whether or not our dog is learning and we forget to work on our own training skills. Our mechanical skills, understanding of learning theory and ability to plan and adjust training plans as we go along, all limit our training progress and impede our dogs' ability to progress with its training.

These sessions will work on us! Using PORTL, a game designed to help us improve our training skills without our dog present we will explore different aspects of learning theory.

These sessions will be fun, social and will have a great impact on how efficient you are as a trainer...and as a result will make your training sessions with your dog less stressful for your dog, more enjoyable and more productive.

Other workshops and short courses will be advertised on Seriously Dogs fb page.




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