Training for dog and owners in their own home

All training offered will be reward based, force free training, ideal for those wishing to have fun and gain confidence with their dogs.

Many owners become quickly disillusioned with group training classes and feel as though their dog or they themselves are "no good at training". This is rarely the case, quite often the dog and owner are simply overwhelmed with too many new things to think about at once. Working in your home environment can provide a good foundation before braving classes in a group setting. Sessions can be carried out at your home, for one or two dogs and handlers and tailored to suit your requirements, enabling both to focus and gain confidence before moving on to more challenging environments.

Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog, should give your dog mental stimulation and needs to be tailored to fit both your and your dog's personality. One size does not fit all!


Group Training Classes

Training is also available in small groups, so plenty of time to learn. 

'Clicker Class'

These sessions will cover pet obedience training and exercises to get your dog thinking and develop it's confidence. The classes will also give you ideas of fun things to do with your dog at home and will also give you a good foundation should you wish to take up a dog sport.

Clicker training classes are on a Tuesday evening.

New 6 week block for clicker training classes starts August 2021.


Agility Training

Agility training (both individual and group sessions) is available through Buckland Agility.

Please enquire as to when new group will be starting.


Hoopers Training

Hoopers is a dog sport originally developed from agility, but with a lower physical impact on the dogs. It is realtively new to the UK and quickly gaining in popularity, the more we learn about it the more fascinating it becomes a a sport. The courses are flowing and fun. I have run 6 week Beginners courses and Improvers/Course running sessions on a regular basis. New 6 week block starts August 2021


WSDA Scentwork

Having completed the Scent for Six course run by The School of Canine Sceince I am now a WSDA Blue Scentwork Instructor. New group Scentwork classes will be coming soon. If you are interested please give me a call.


you have any queries, please contact me:

07896 298294

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