Dog Walking

Dog walking will be carried out on an individual household basis and will not be as a group with other dogs. This ensures that your dogs will receive my undivided attention and will be given a walk to suit their physical and mental needs. The advantages of having your dog walked individually or only with dogs from the same household are considerable: one size does not fit all dogs!

'One to one' sessions enable me to concentrate soley on your dog/s giving him/ her the style of walk that suits their physical capabilities and finding games to play that will use your dog's mind. It also avoids your dog mixing in a confined environment with multiple dogs, reducing the risk of your dog contracting infections.

However, if you really do wish for your dog to have some dog company on it's walk I can always take one of mine along provided their temperments are compatible.


Day Care

Sometimes owners would like to have their dog's day broken up by a visit, without being taken out for a walk. If this is the case I will happily visit your dog to give it some company. Whether you want your dog to just have a cudddle and a potter/ play in the garden or you would like your dog to be given a mental workout using clciker training I will accomodate your wishes.


Dog Training

Clicker training is available on an individual basis in your own home or in small groups.

Agility training is available through Buckland Agility either in a  group or as private sessions. See Dog Training page for details.


Behavioural Problems

If you find some aspect of your dog's behaviour difficult to live with I will visit you in your home environment. I will assess your dog and how you live with it, then produce a behaviour modification programme and provide 'follow up' support. Behaviour modification is nearly always a process that requires dedication and changes to how you live with your dog, unfortunately there are no 'quick fixes'.

Please feel free to call me for a preliminary discussion, if I think that your problems with your dog would be better dealt with by someone else I will suggest suitable contacts.


you have any queries, please contact me:

07896 298294

01823 661478 01823 661478

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